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Apr. 13, 2006

Back at the Beach

One of the many people I met while working as a nude beach vendor was a fellow ostomate. I didn't realize he was one the first couple of times I saw him, but it finally clicked when I realized his little pouch never shifted from covering his lower-right abdomen... of course, it was a cover for his ostomy. Just like my little apron was a cover for mine.

The next time I served him, I asked him about his ostomy. There was a distinct language barrier between us, but I'm fairly certain that he overplayed it and feigned misunderstanding, until I lifted my apron to show him that I had one too.

There was a flash of surprise and relief on his behalf, and we exchanged smiles of understanding. I was amazed that it took me- an ostomate- so long to figure out what he was hiding inside that rectangular pouch that hung from a belt around his waist. I guess it shows how truly concealable ostomies can be.

I sold juice to my fellow ostomate several more times before the end of summer. We didn't talk about our ostomies or anything; it just a graceful secret that somehow meant we were connected.


Blogger amy said...

(sorry for the multiple comments today, but I am catching up on your posts, heh) -- when you say you were "working as a nude beach vendor," do you mean you were a "nude beach vendor," or that you were a vendor at a nude beach? Figuring this out for me will change my take on this whole blog posting. Heh. Was *he* a patron or a vendor as well? Was he then... nude? Were you?

1:56 p.m., April 30, 2007

Blogger ~mypinkbutton~ said...

i was a nude vendor on a nude beach... but I wore a little apron to hide my bag. i'm gutsy, but not that gutsy.

he was a patron. a nude patron, other than his little blue bag.

3:58 a.m., May 02, 2007


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