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Mar. 31, 2006

Poopy Predicament

Last summer, I got a free haircut and cheap colour from a friend who was attending hairdesign school. I biked there and I think I kind of knew on the way there that my bag was due for a changing, but I definitely did not anticipate this.

After the shampoo and cut, my flange started leaking, mid-colour. Thankfully it was a friend cutting my hair, one who knew about my bag. And it was a stroke of luck that I was wearing one of those big capes that go down to your knees. We shuffled off to the washroom together and he didn't make a big deal of it at all, he just said "what can I do for you?" which was the most useful kind of support I could have gotten. The leak was pretty bad. My underwear was shot and my pants were stained.

After a first failed attempt to just tape up the leak, I had to pull a MacGyver. My friend brought me some heavy duty tape and clear plastic that he wangled from a receptionist. I ended up taping this large rectangle of plastic on my right abdomen, hips, and even a bit down my leg. So the flange was still leaking, it was just leaking into this transparent reservoir and sitting against my skin. Rad!

Actually, it really was. The seal was good, and I even took my sweet time heading home after my hair was done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had that happen to me too. I get scared and finally when it is over I find that I get angry. Then like you I think of a good thing. Did I catch it in time, am I wearing a coat, am I close to home? There always has to be an upside or you just cannot go on.

7:57 p.m., October 19, 2008


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