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Jun. 7, 2007

I'm a regular Dear Abby!

Jeff said...

I've wondered what it would look like to have no anus. Thanks for braving it to share with us. I have an ileostomy but still have a rectal stump that needs to be yanked out. Getting it scoped this month but the GI and transplant people tell me that I should get it removed due to the cancer risk. I've chatted with others who said it takes a long time to heal. They also said sitting on a O-ring cushion won't help as it spreads the cheeks and makes it worse. I've heard of the vacuum pump thing to help healing. I had a fairly deep chest opening from a liver trasnplant but it didn't take a year to heal using the old wet to dry packing. Any other tips for this surgery and healing afterwards?

mypinkbutton said...

It feels weird. It kinda felt like my ass cheeks were a bit misaligned and that was annoying. It took a few weeks before that sensation went away.

I used the donut a few times and seem to remember it was a bit of a relief, but also kind of awkward to sit on.

Here's a tip: enjoy whatever pleasure you can from stimulating your anus while you still can. Before my surgery I had the wild fantasy my surgeon might turn my non-functional anus into some kind of erotic pleasure zone. It's the least he coulda done for my troubles, huh? no such luck.

and another: If any nurses approach you with a wet sponge saying they want to clean you up... make goddam clear they know you had your rectum removed. I may just have had the worst luck possible when this happened to me, but that towelly scrape across my gaping wound hurt like an mofo - even when I was pumped full of pain killers.

and another tip: get a sitz bath as pictured above. and sitz your ass in that bath. it feels good. use salts, and for an added treat, use the solution bag of warm water to create a little toilet-top jacuzzi for your ass.

I've never heard of the vacuum pump.

other than that, I don't have any tips, unless, Jeff, you have a vagina. In which case I recommend you are careful when you have sex, like I mentioned in my earlier post. or if you are a gay man and like bottom, all I can say is: there are support groups for you. and... you have my warmest wishes.

well, you have my warmest wishes no matter who you are. Good luck Jeff!


Blogger Darren said...

I had to have the VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) dressings when I had my anus removed. The wound just wouldnt heal after 9 months even with daily sitz baths and wound cleaning. The challenge with the VAC dressings was getting a good seal so the dressing could work its magic. I spent 3 weeks in hospital to get it working right because you needed an experienced wound-care nurse, plus an anesthetist to give me Midazolam because it was unbelieveably painful when they changed the dressings. But in the end it worked really well.

We are lucky here in Australia to have a good public healthcare system because i priced the procedure using my private healthcare and they wouldnt cover it because it was too expensive!

8:02 a.m., June 19, 2007

Blogger Lisa said...

I just found your blog, I looked all over for an email address and finally settled for leaving a comment.

I'm 23, had a permanent ileostomy installed when I was 21 - after being diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 13. Went through a lot of the same stuff! I refused to tell anyone for a whole year when I got sick when I was 12 - doctors also told my mom I had anorexia. When I was 21 my colon split open, and now its gone.

A million embarrassing poop moments later I feel like Queen of the world. I'd much prefer for everyone to know I have an ostomy then to not know - I hate the constant paranoia that its showing through my clothes/is stinky/leaking.

I love reading your blog, have been through the surprise leaks at work, my ostomy falling off in bed - I live with my BF, no fun on that one....SO great to see someone else going through what I go through - that isn't over 60.

10:45 p.m., September 20, 2007


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