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Mar. 9, 2006

Talking Helped Big Time!

Long conversations with my boyfriend, incredibly emotional conversations with my mom, heart-to-hearts with friends, good chats with some really caring nurses (although some nurses stared at me blankly which was not all that cool), counselling from a woman who had an ostomy (thanks to my mom), a visit from a woman with an ostomy, on-line chats with ostomates around the world, and hospital visit from my cat (chauferred by my mom or sister).

All that talking over time helped me come to terms with the fact that I would have ostomy surgey. PERMANENT ostomy surgery.

I remember that last time ever pooing out of my ass - it was really anti-climatic - just before getting wheeled down to surgery. I thought I should get an award or something, but no one said anything. It was just me and my private last poo in the sterile hospital bathroom, in my flimsy blue gown.

I was scared, but I was ready.


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